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Having worked in the hospitality industry, Estee Backoff sees many parallels with serving real estate clients. She has a passion for engaging with people and helping them find their safe and happy space.
Estee entered real estate from the administrative side, learning the ropes and watching other agents in action. She realized she had the same affinity as the agents for bonding with people, and that her friendly, energetic, and affable personality was well suited to the work of a real estate professional.
Operating from a base of honesty, integrity, and loyalty, Estee strives to empower her clients with as much information as possible. As a South Florida native, she brings deep market knowledge to buyers and sellers as she works in their best interests to help them achieve their goals and dreams.
In her spare time, Estee likes going to concerts, hanging out with friends and family, playing board games, horseback riding, and enjoying a full plate of Italian food.

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